How to practice calligraphy with a pencil (or pen)

Want to try out calligraphy but don't have any brush pens around? 

I'll show you how to make pretty lettering right now using tools that you already have in your house! All you need is a pencil or a pen. (Well, you'll need some paper too, I guess.) 

Creating calligraphy without using a calligraphy pen is called "faux calligraphy". 

So what is special about a calligraphy pen? A brush pen or metal pointed dip pen can make thick and thin lines depending on how much hard you press down on the pen. 

We can make a similar look by drawing in our own thick strokes. Here's how you do it:


1) Sketch out a word in cursive or your favorite lettering style where the letters connect. 


2) Think about where your hand moved down toward the bottom of the page while writing. These are called downstrokes. Draw in lines to thicken each downstroke. 


3) Fill in the spaces to complete your thick downstrokes.


Voila! You have written your first word in faux calligraphy!

Faux calligraphy is a great way to practice calligraphy when you don't have easy access to calligraphy pens. It also works well for projects like making cards, decorating a planner, and writing on larger signs. 

Having fun and ready to learn more? Learn calligraphy at home with my complete beginner brush pen kit! Rather have just the worksheets as a digital download? I've got that too




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